Brasov Talent Agency:
Email:Bruno Pischiutta International-website

Donna Gilberto 603.848.5547 Email USA

Performer Profile :
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet 8 in
Weight: 125 lbs
Age Range: 16 - 25
Physique: Slim
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Shoulder length
Eyes: Brown





Ethnicity: Caucasian, Caribbean, Mediterranean
Voice Type: Soprano Performance Skills: Teleprompter, Improvisation, Singing,
Dancing, Pilot, Broadcasting, Interviewer, Voice over, Comedian
Athletic Skills: Baseball, Ice Skating, Snow Skiing, Yoga, Softball, Swimming, Basketball,
Soccer , Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Dance
Accents: Southern, Scottish, Midwest, Irish, British
Spoken Languages: French
Musical Instruments: Piano, Voice
Dance: Modern, Club/Freestyle, Ballet, Ballroom, Jazz,
Hip Hop, Tap, Irish Dance

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